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Gout Specialist

Pritesh Patel, DPM -  - Board Qualified Podiatrist

Pritesh Patel, DPM

Board Qualified Podiatrist located in Boca Raton, FL

A gout flare is a very distinct, painful experience that you don’t have to just tolerate. At Florida Foot and Ankle Associates, Pritesh Patel, DPM, helps you manage gout with medication and dietary adjustments. If you think you have gout, contact the Boca Raton, Florida, practice by calling or using the online scheduling system to begin a treatment regimen.

Gout Q & A

What is gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis that typically affects the foot, usually the base of the big toe. The condition is characterized by a sudden attack of pain, redness, and inflammation to the foot.

Gout occurs when needle-like urate crystals collect around a joint. Those pointy crystals cause the intense pain and swelling during a gout flare.

Your body produces uric acid as it breaks down steak, seafood, alcoholic beverages, and fructose. You may be prone to the uric acid buildup associated with gout if you have high concentrations of uric acid in your blood, whether your body produces too much or can’t get rid of the substance properly.

When should I see a doctor about gout?

The sooner you see Dr. Patel about symptoms of gout, the better. Gout is most treatable in the earlier stages. Left untreated, gout progresses, causing worsening pain and irreversible joint damage.

Contact Dr. Patel if you have intense bouts of pain in your foot or symptoms of gout. If your pain is accompanied by fever and hot joints, you may have an infection which requires immediate medical attention.

How is gout diagnosed?

Dr. Patel begins the diagnostic process by taking a detailed medical history and asking questions about your symptoms. Then, he performs a physical exam, paying particular attention to your foot structure, function, and mechanics.

Next, Dr. Patel orders follow-up testing such as a blood test, X-ray, or ultrasound. He may also test fluid from your joint for urate crystals to make a definitive diagnosis.

What treatment options are available for gout?

Treatment for gout usually includes medication to prevent attacks, treat current attacks, and prevent complications. A medication regimen for gout may include any combination of NSAIDs, colchicine, corticosteroids, and drugs that regulate uric acid.

In addition to oral medication, Dr. Patel can perform corticosteroid injections for gout. He can also provide you with preventive strategies such as staying properly hydrated and avoiding uric acid-forming foods and beverages.

If you notice symptoms of gout, contact Florida Foot and Ankle Associates online or over the phone to learn how to conquer the condition.